Home Sentry 2 large digital wall clock Camera Review Baby Monitor

The Home Sentry Digital Camera 2-monitor large digital wall clock, video baby monitor is a baby free from interference with trunking and encryption 2.4 GHz signal. Privacy by the image of your baby is guaranteed important in a video monitor.

This unit can be expanded up to 8 cameras to achieve that no other system can. This type of detection angle, that the possibility of seeing his son, no matter how it has to move through the play area or nursery.

Home Sentry 2 Camera Baby Monitor Description
The Home Sentry 2 Camera Baby Monitor comes with two cameras and a parent unit, both designed with a sleek and modern black and white. The large digital wall clock parent unit includes a large digital wall clock 2.4 “LCD screen with a color image day and night large digital wall clock vision in black and white to see your baby at night. Both rooms are eight infrared LED, a clear night vision. The cameras and parents Unit can run on batteries or a power / C Versatility.

The parent unit is running on an encryption system of 2.4 GHz, with automatic jump to 250, possible sequences of signal frequency for a fully private and clear. The scope large digital wall clock of the device is 400 meters outdoors and 100 meters indoors.

Sentry Home Camera Baby Monitor 2 Specifications
A parent unit2.4 “color vision sleep with night mode black and white with VOX voice control drain rechargeable batteries, battery 3 hours continuous operation reduce LCD AC adapter monitoring option for charging and USB portable not Power Digital large digital wall clock with a maximum of five setting video alarm and audio or audio, just a screen in time to save setting automatic parental energyBelt clipThe unit includes force indicators audio and video, the option between the cameras to seek, volume control and digital zoom. An on-screen menu to change settings on the fly. The cameras can be mounted on the large digital wall clock or table for stability.

Home Sentry 2 Camera Baby Monitor Comments
This monitor offers the best of digital encryption technology to non-transmission of the image of your baby to sleep to ensure the walls at home. You can be guaranteed without interference without large digital wall clock static image and sound.

While up to 8 cameras can be added without additional parental units large digital wall clock are available, you have to go to a unit where you go driving means. No function of the light in the night on this monitor. Range within 100 feet lower End for digital displays.

The general consensus among users is that it is easy to use and works very well. The clear picture and sound are the main selling points for this device. The Home Sentry large digital wall clock Camera Baby Monitor 2 will focus where it belongs: the quality of audio and video so you can see and hear your baby clearly. It provides many additional features that improve performance, but it lacks some extras like a light in the night.

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By: Erica Rhodes
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